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Crystalline Pendants – Oooooh! Shiney!

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Hi there,

My friend, Kat, and I went to California the week before last to spend some time with another friend of ours, Sydney, before she and her hubby move out of the country. Yep, to a whole other continent and everything. They will be sorely missed!

Anyhow, on our gastronomic tour of Orange County, we took a break from eating and went to an art fair in Laguna Beach. While we were there, Sydney was drooling over the ceramics with the crystalline glazes on them. Little did she know, I actually have some of that very glaze here at the house. Not only that, but I had extra porcelain pendant blanks I had hand made, and the silver wire to wire wrap it, to boot!

The evil plan sparked right then and there in the middle of the art fair!

When I got home, I did the usual post vacation veg out, seep in and regain some sense on consciousness that everyone needs. The next day was spent doing laundry, dishes, and the like. The day after that, I pulled out the pendants and started glazing away! When they were dry, I put them in the kiln and fired them. The day after I crossed my fingers and took them out of the kiln.

As you can see from the scan below, they came out fairly well, if I do say so myself.

Crystalline Pendants of all Shaped and Sizes

I chose one I think Sydney would really like and I wire wrapped it, then put it on a silver chain to match the silver wire.

Sydney's Pendant Wire Wrapped and on a Chain

I gave it to her this past Saturday at her Bon Voyage party, and she loved it!

Now I know giving someone a going away gift when she’s getting rid of most of her stuff to move far, far away is not necessarily the best plan… But, it is a small piece, and (total bonus) it’s jewelry, and it doesn’t take much room in the luggage. It certainly doesn’t take up the space of a platter of bowl.

So, Bon Voyage my friend, and enjoy the bling!


Pic of Tiny Bowls

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009


Hi all,

Finally, the pic of the tiny bowls for The Big Feast, which is this weekend. I’m really excited about this endeavor.

More pics of them can be seen on my Photobucket:

Tiny Bowls

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Hi all,

I know I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve been doing other stuff. Wednesday evening, I went to a friend’s house as she is coordinating a big Tudor feast here in Phoenix for our SCA stuff. Anyhow, she needs tiny bowls for salt cellars and I’ve been itching to work on my new potters wheel, so I said I would make them. I now have about 25 little tiny bowls drying waiting to be fired next week. As soon as I get them glazed and fired, I’ll get a picture and post it so you can see them.