Happy Holidays!

I know there are a few of you out there who have budding Scribes in your home, but you just don’t know what to get them as a holiday gift.I figured I had better send this out now before everyone goes on holiday vacation, and so you can shop the after Thanksgiving sales! Yea, sales!

Many of these selections can be bundled into one large gift, and many can be given over several nights. All items can be found on-line. I have added loads of pictures below for those of you who have never before set foot in an art supply store (like my hubby when we first go married, he says pictures help a lot).

For all Scribes:

Mechanical Pencils & replacement lead (get a good one, not the cheap-o plastic ones in the multi-pack that fall apart)
Mechanical Pencil

White Eraser
My White Eraser

Large Soft Brush to get eraser residue off of the paper instead of your hands, which are oily and that’s bad for the paper. These can be found in the drafting section of any art supply store, and will run about $4.
Large Soft Brush

Kneaded Eraser
Kneaded Eraser before and after

Typewriter Eraser (this is handy for resurfacing the paper after it has had a mistake scraped off) You’ll find these on-line only.
Typewriter Eraser & Refill

Technical Pens:
Micron – disposable These will run about $4 each.
Faber-Castell – refillable
Rapido-Graph – refillable
Rapido-Sketch – refillable (and my favorite! These clog less than the Faber-Castells and the Rapido-Graphs) These will run about $17 each, but are worth it in the long run. They all come in different sizes, but the .50 is the easiest to start with.

Metal Ruler with a Cork Back, 15 to 18 inches long.
Metal Ruler Showing Cork Back

Circle Stencils (these are green and found in the Drafting section)

Plastic Pipettes
Plastic Pipettes

Squirt Bottle (This will need to be dedicated to only illumination stuff, no cat zapping with this bottle, because of some possible added chemicals.)
Squirt Bottle

Toothpicks – No fancy colored ones, no frilly tops, no pirate swords, no flavored ones. Get the nice round ones so they don’t snap when mixing paints. (No picture included, because I figured most people know what they look like.)

Exact-o Knife with curved blades, the sharpened blade should be on the outside curve so that when the scribe scrapes the paper (gently) the tip never gouges the paper.
Exact-o Knife & Extra Blades

Smooth Rock for Burnishing – This doesn’t have to be a burnishing tool that costs loads of dough. Mine cost maybe $1 at a little rock shop, out of the tumbled and polished rock barrel. Just make sure it’s a color your beginning scribe will like, and that it does not have any nicks out of it.
Burnishing Rock

Compass (no, not the navigational kind, the bigger circle making kind)

Portfolio Case the will hold a piece of 12 x 18 inches paper, at least. This can run you anywhere from $4 to $200 depending on the manufacturer, materials, style, heavy-duty-ness of the case. I have a few of these. I have a little paper one that I got for $4, which I barely used. I have a black hard sided one with 3 ties (one per open side) to close it, I think that was around $10, I still use the heck out of this one. I also have a full sized (approximately 24 x 31 inches) heavy-duty one I got for art class that was $80 (on sale), and I still use it all the time, as well.

Paper Towels

For the Illuminator:

Windsor & Newton Gouaches. These should run $4 to $10 each. Make sure these say “Gouache” on the tubes.
Cadmium Red
Cadmium Yellow (light)
Forest Green
Ultramarine Blue
Dioxazine Purple
Yellow Ochre
Burnt Siena
Lamp Black
Permanent White
Gouache Paint Tube

Paint Tube Squeezer – This get’s all of the paint out of the tube, so money isn’t wasted. It will cover it’s own cost! These can run between $6 to $20. Mine is all plastic. They do make metal ones, which are good for people who just don’t know their own strength.
Paint Tube Squeezer
Paint Tube in Squeezer

Natural Bristle Brushes (for watercolor or gouache, yes, they should all be labeled on the display case) These should run $3 to $12 each.
Liners work best for illumination.
Chisel (Flat):

Palette Knife – The metal ones will run about $6 each, the plastic ones should run about $1 each. I prefer the little metal one that I have.
Palette Knife

140 lb Hot Press Watercolor Paper or 230 gsm Pergamenata (these are both art papers, both come in “full sheets” or cut sheets – get the cut sheets to start)

Bobbin Boxes from the notions section of a fabric store as travel pallets. The bottom of the wells are curved, not flat. These will run about $6 each. (These will not come with paint already in them.)
Bobbin Box filled with Paint

Travel box to put it all in. Sometimes the ArtBins are on sale, but you can also use a tackle box. I happen to use a travel caddy for scrap booking, from Target.

For the Calligrapher:

Flat tip Calligraphy Nibs (if getting Speedball brand, get the ones labeled “C-” a number comes after “C-“, get a variety, 5 being the smallest, to 1 being a quite large nib). These should run $5 for a 2 pack.
C Series Nibs in Package

Calligraphy Pens (this is the handle that the nibs fit into) These can run anywhere from $1 to $100, depending on the material and craftsmanship. There are some that are hand carved. For a beginner, get a plastic one and maybe a couple of inexpensive wooden painted ones.
Calligraphy Pens with Nibs in Place

Calli Ink (or another highly recommended brand name ink), one Black India Ink and one Red. This should run you about $6.
Calli Ink

A bottle of Formula 409 (to clean the nibs), yes, really.

Next year we’ll talk about what books to get your budding Scribe for the Holidays! Just to wet your whistle, here’s the illumination book I recommend for everyone.

Here’s the calligraphy book I recommend for everyone.

Hopefully Helpful,