Coronations come and go, and I see lots of Courtly Graces there, but at events in general, they are sometimes a little lacking. To that end, I wanted to do this months posts about Courtly Graces. I have posed these as questions and answers. I have been asked these very same questions over the years, and have given the very same answers.

Do you bow, curtsy and/or nod appropriately?
• While enjoying the event, you do not have to do a full bow or curtsy to everyone wearing a coronet or Crown. A simple nod while passing will usually suffice.
• While passing in front of the Thrones, a slight, quick (yet noticeable) bow or curtsy is appropriate.
• While passing the Baron & Baroness or the Crown, it is appropriate to either quickly bow/curtsy.
• If the Baron or Baroness or Crown passes you, it is appropriate to move off to the side and bow/curtsy until they pass, unless they have specified otherwise in the process of you making the motion.
• If you are seated, it is appropriate to stand when they come into your presence, until or unless they give you leave to be seated. If they don’t notice you and they are talking to someone else, it is O.K. to sit again.
• If it is before Court and they are on the Thrones or standing in front of the Thrones, you should be standing until they give you leave to sit.

Remember, you are not expected to bow and scrape to everyone, every time you see them. It is a sign of respect and genuflection, and is a small but important part of this game. If you just don’t like or respect the person, you could not bow/curtsy/nod, but that would not be gracious.

Granted if the person wearing the shiny coronet is a very close friend, it does happen that we just don’t see the “hat” and just see our friend. It happens to all of us.

Next week, entering and exiting Court. It’s not hard, just a little nerve racking sometimes. Just remember to breathe.

Hopefully Helpful,