I am hoping this contains some general information that helps everyone understand how Award Recommendations work. If you live in a Kingdom that does it quite differently, please let me know how your Kingdom does it.

The Kingdom of Atenveldt’s Coronation is in just a few short weeks! That means it that time of the reign when I remind people to send in their award recommendations.

When I was Kingdom Signet (Scribe), Award Recommendations became near and dear to my heart. Without them, the scrolls do not go out! This just seemed too tragic a thought for me, so I started writing to the e-lists in my Kingdom before every Coronation. I still do it, as it has now become a personal crusade to get more beautiful art out into the Known World!

How to Put People in for Kingdom Awards

I had a discussion with some friends about what it takes to get Atenveldt Kingdom Awards, and it occurred to us that not everyone knows how it happens. So, here are 10 things everyone should know about the who’s and how’s.

1. You MUST have a current, paid membership to receive an award in Atenveldt. You can get one at:

2. You must be recommended for the award. You can recommend your friends here:
This recommendation goes to the Crown of Atenveldt.

3. Anyone can recommend anyone else for ANY award. (Yes, ANY award.) Barons & Baronesses, Household Members, Friends and Acquaintances can and should recommend people often.

4. Each time the Crown changes hands, the list of award recommendations should go to the new Crown.

5. Keep putting in your friends for awards and don’t give up. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. If someone deserves something and you don’t keep on top of it, who will?

6. Put in your award recommendations early in the Reign, or just before they step up. This gives the Crown time and a chance to plan what awards they will be giving at what events throughout Their Reign.

7. If you have a household or group of friends who know the person you want to recommend for an award, get them involved. Ask them to put in recommendations for the person as well.

8. Remember, the Crown(s), Coronets, and the Barons & Baronesses, can’t be everywhere at once. They very often don’t get to see what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s up to us, the populace, to let them know what we see and who we see.

9. When you put in a Kingdom or Principality award recommendation, pass it along to your local Baron & Baroness (B&B), so that they know to put that person in for the award as well. Do not underestimate your B&Bs when it comes to awards. Some Crowns show up at events and ask the local B&B for their top 3 names of people who are on site who should have awards. Keep them informed as they may not see everyone either, and this can give them ideas for their own awards.

10. Show up at events and especially at Court! Some Crowns have expressed that if the recipient is not there to get it from Their Hands, then they just don’t get the award. Some Crowns will read the awards into Kingdom Court and pass the scrolls off to the local B&Bs to give at a later date. Some Crowns hoard the scrolls as long as they can because they want to see the faces of everyone they give the awards to. For whatever reason, some awards do not get given out by the Crown, solely because that recipient wasn’t in Court. Go to Court!

Remember, if you don’t put people in for awards, who will. If you think someone deserves an award, put them in.

If you’re not there to receive an award, you probably won’t get one. Even if you’re not up for an award, go to support your friends who may get one. You never know whose turn it is. I’ve heard far too many stories of a best friend or spouse who wasn’t there for someone when they got an award and really kicked themselves over it.

Next week, we will discuss the Atenveldt on-line Award Recommendation form, in hopes that it will explain why certain information it asks for is important. I know it is similar to a couple of other Ki9ngdoms out there, so it should be useful info, even if you don’t live in Atenveldt. Bonus… It’s super easy!

Hopefully Helpful,