Aaah! Making announcements and presentations in Court. If you remember only one thing, remember to speak up and project so that all may hear. There are worse things than sitting in Court trying to listen, and not hearing anything, but in the moment, it can be a real stretch to find one.

To Make an Announcement in Court:

• Enter Court the same way as last week’s post, then instead of kneeling on the cushions; give a slight bow/curtsy and ask if you can make an announcement to “their” populace. “Your Majesties, may I please address your populace?” or something like it, it doesn’t have to be those exact words. But do remember to ask.
• Make sure you step slightly off to the side so you are not blocking Their Excellencies/Majesties view. Face kind of kitty corner so that mostly the populace, but also so that the Court can hear you.
• Make your announcement as quickly as you can, and project your voice as much as you can.
• When finished with your announcement, turn back tot he B&B or Crown, bow/curtsy and thank them. Then exit Court the same way as last week’s post. (There is no need to curtsy to the populace.)
• If you need to, take a small piece of paper with notes on it so you can get through your announcement quickly and without forgetting anything. Yes, you can take a reminder paper into Court with you, just don’t read from it exclusively. If you’re supposed to be the expert about what you are announcing, then you should look like you know what you’re talking about. Reading directly from a cue card and faltering automatically takes you out as the expert.
• If you can do it without notes, and not forget anything, that is acceptable as well.

To Make a Presentation In Court:

• Enter Court the same way as last week’s post, present the gifts to Their Excellencies/Majesties as quickly as you can. Try to speak loud enough so that the populace can hear you. There’s nothing worse than taking up Court time when the populace can not be involved. This is a pet peeve of the majority of the populace. The populace comes to Court to see the show.
• Then exit Court the same way as last week’s post.

When you have a presentation, please make it quickly. It is inappropriate to make anything (a presentation or announcement) overly long and drawn out during Court. Court is the time for the B&B or Crown to do what they want or need to do, and time can run short if it is taken up by overly lengthy things. If you do want to make a long, drawn out presentation, make arrangements with the Court Herald or Their Excellencies/Majesties to do it during the Feast (if there is one) or some other time during the event. Long drawn out presentations or announcements can also make Court run too long, and the Crown may have to delay giving someone a much deserved award because they need to end Court  to get off site by the deadline time.

If you don’t want to share the presentation with the rest of the populace, then give it to Their Excellencies/Majesties privately. Court is a public venue and is not the right place to make private presentations. Court is the show!

Hopefully Helpful,