Using Courtly Graces on a daily basis is optional, but it does add some Stardust to the game.

Do you use correct Titles for everyone you come in contact with?
• People will usually politely correct you if you’re wrong.
• If someone get’s your title wrong, politely correct them if it’s that important to you.
• m’lord, m’lady for people who you either don’t know or who have no Awards that bear titles
• Lord or Lady for anyone who you know has an AoA
• Your Lordship Your Ladyship for people with Grant level Awards (Grant of Arms, Defender of the White Scarf)
• Your Excellencies for anyone with a Coronet, (Court Barons/Baronesses, Landed Barons/Baronesses, Theigns or Bantheigns, Viscounts/Viscountesses, Counts, Countesses)
• Your Grace for anyone who has served as King and Queen 2 or more times (Dukes/Duchesses)
• Sir for Knights
• Master (male), Mistress (female) or Dame (female) for Pelicans, Laurels and Masters at Arms

Do you use Common Courtesy?
• Please and Thank You, go a very long way
• Holding doors open
• Helping others carry their stuff
• Helping set up or tear down at events
• Do not fight with your spouse or children in front of everyone, take it outside or home to deal with the situation
• Take the screaming, loud (happy or sad screaming, loud) babies/kids/people acting like children, out of Court. Yes, you’ll miss stuff, but others will fill you in, and everyone will be very thankful to you.

Last but not least, Courtly Graces are as much about what you don’t do. We all have long days, and get tired and grumpy, and can say the wrong thing ant the wrong time. It happens to all of us. However, we are all in this game together. If we do not even try to be kind, helpful and courteous to each other, who will be? If you see someone struggling with something, or who is grumpy, and you don’t offer to help or find help (if you’re physically able to assist), then you are not using your Courtly Graces.

Courtly Graces are some of the things that make the SCA a wonderful place to play on the weekends, so please use your Courtly Graces.

Hopefully Helpful,