This week we have our second guest contributor, Melissa of Monster Hall (Melissa Van Hook). She and I will be discussing framing ideas for your award scroll(s).

Melissa says:
“1) If your budget allows, use acid free matting as the acid in the paper of the regular matting will eventually stain your scroll.

2) You may also frame the scroll without matting (though it looks better with) and add spacers to the glass. The plastic spacers are 1/8″ to 1/4″ thick and snap right onto the glass edge. Your framer will guide you to a thicker channeled frame to allot for this. It’s a cool shadow box-ish effect without the cost of a shadow box and it allows room between the artwork and the glass.

3) When hanging your framed works of art, be sure and take moisture into consideration. Hanging them opposite a swamp cooler vent will lead to a warped scroll and matte. And though it’s tempting, never ever hang them in your bathroom.”

Great input, thank you for the helpful hints Melissa!

Here are some I have put together for framing your scroll (s).

I have had a couple of people ask me about framing your scrolls to protect them. Here are a few options, most expensive to least expensive.

You should use a matte between the glass and your scroll as the paints we use in AZ are water based and can absorb moisture during the rainy season and the paint can stick to the glass. That can ruin the piece if you ever do want to take it out of the frame.

1) If you have the money, I recommend going to a professional frame shop. Make sure they really take their time to match the art and the matte with the frame and your personal tastes.

2) If you have slightly less mullah, then I’d say take it to any art supply store that does framing. They won’t be as good as a dedicated frame shop, but usually once the piece is on your wall you really can’t tell.

3) If you have just enough money to buy an off the shelf frame and matte at an art supply, but don’t want to or can’t cut the matte yourself, you can have the frame department cut the matte for you. Yes, they will charge you for the cut, but it’s better than loosing a finger or ruining your matte, and I think it’s $10.00 or less for the cut. Take your scroll in to the store with you if you’re having them cut the matte so they can get the correct measurements off the piece.

4) If you don’t have a lot of money and want to put it in some kind of frame, then I’d get one of the front-loading (the glass pops off the front type) frames to put it in for safe keeping until you can afford a better frame. You can put a thin matte in these frames as well. A lot of scribes will tell you not to use these frames, especially if you have think gesso or paint on the scroll. I do agree with that, but if the paint on your scroll is flat, and you use a matte in the frame with it, it will be just fine.

5) If you don’t want to put them in a frame at all, but still want them protected, you can always go buy a portfolio case or a presentation book. These are both available at almost any art supply store, and they are available on-line. Just make sure you order one that your largest scroll will fit into.

Hopefully Helpful,