In the SCA there are those who think about doing, and those who do. I would like to encourage EVERYONE to “do”, to volunteer, be it at an event or in an office, locally or on the Kingdom level.

I have heard lately of Scadians who have come up with great ideas, but then instead of acting on them, they bring them up and say, “Someone should do this…”

Yes, “someone” should. The person who thought of it should do it. It is their idea. It is their input. Only thinking it and not following through does a few things.
1. Sets a poor example for newer people to the SCA who are now going to think they can get away with not following through on their ideas, and not contributing.
2. Upsets those who have been told “someone” should do it.
3. Upsets the idea originator because no one is doing it correctly.

To this end, I say, if you want something done, do it yourself! Be the change you want to see! Do not depend on others to give you or your ideas wings or merit.

I know for those of you who have yet to dip your toe into the well of volunteering, it may seem a little daunting. Believe me, once you do it and have a wonderful experience, there is nothing else like it. A couple of years ago, the Crown at the time gave me a Pelican for chronic volunteering. If it was not fun, helpful, and interesting no one would be doing it, especially not me. Give it a try! Go on, you can do it! It really is as fun as people say.

If you don’t like the first thing you try, try something else, and keep on trying things until you find what you like to do.

There is a flip side to volunteering and bringing new ideas.

Some of the more established players sometimes are a bit closed minded. (Yes, I know, big shocker there!) These people do mean well, but are afraid of change or are afraid of someone not doing it their way.

A good way of addressing them is to first, validate what they say, “I hear your concerns….”, then calmly explain to them why it is being done that way. They don’t have to like it, they just have to deal with it happening. When having these discussions, always be open minded yourself.

Another good way to deal with them is to say, “O.K.” and do it anyhow! (Unless it is against the law, or has been pointed out to you that is is against the site rules, or is a danger to yourself or others. Standard rules of common sense apply here. If you don’t have any common sense, ask a few friends in the planning stages, they will tell you if you are off base.)

To those people who have been playing SCA for a long time, I urge you to keep an open mind. Someone may come along with different ideas that might actually improve the SCA! Just because you have been playing since “before there were rocks” does not mean you have all the answers for everyone. What you have is history, and that is important. Do not stifle someone else because you see them only as brash and new. They are the future, and deserve to change the SCA and the world as you did in your time.

I would also urge you to volunteer more if you are not doing so now. You are the ones who taught us that volunteering is fun and good. So, don’t stop (unless your health prevents it)! Get out there!

If you can’t volunteer, remember to thank the volunteers!

Thank you for volunteering!

Hopefully Helpful,