Continuing on with last weeks topic…

Called Into Court, Are We? Hmmmmm…

When you are called into Court, be it for business or awards or shtick, it is polite to bow/curtsy to the Royalty who are in attendance. Be it a sweeping bow/curtsy or each receiving an individual bow/curtsy, it should happen. If you feel uncomfortable doing this (and depending on the Kingdoms customs) just bow to the King & Queen. If it is your Baron & Baroness or someone of lower rank and station than the King & Queen, but the King & Queen are in attendance, bow/curtsy to the King & Queen first, then the person/people who have business with you (unless they do not have Royal title).

When leaving Court, bow/curtsy to the people who had business with you (if warranted), then Their Majesties, then back away a couple of steps, turn and depart quietly.

Empty Thrones and the Royal Presence

In Atenveldt, it is customary to bow/curtsy to the empty Thrones if crossing their path, even when they are empty, to show respect. This can be done within 10 to 15 feet of the Thrones.

The Royal Ready Room or the Chamber of Secrets

The secret world of the Royal Ready Room… If you are on the court or guard, you will more than likely be in the Ready Room at some point. If the Ready Room has a guard, let the guard know why you are there, or that Their Majesties have specifically sent for you. The guard should know who is allowed in and out freely, but sometimes courts are very large and not everyone is recognized from the initial meeting/introduction.

As soon as you enter the Ready Room, you will probably be told where to stand or sit and what is needed/wanted from you. If the conversation is casual, you can pipe up and let everyone know you’re there. If you will be returning let the guard know on your way out. He/she doesn’t need to know why, but it causes fewer hassles on your return trip.


If you have been sent on an errand and Their Majesties are expecting you back, you may sneak in and deliver you message or item quietly, very quietly. Only the Queen and you (possible the other court/guard member) will know you were there.

Checking In?

If you are checking in for your assignment for that event, you will check in with the person in charge of the court (usually the Head Lady in Waiting). She will let you know what time your shift is, or what your duties are for the day/event, unless she has made arrangements with you off site. You should still check in though, just in case something has come up.

When you check in for your shift, quietly change places with the previous court/guard member. It is polite to let Her Majesty know you are there now and not the other supporter so she doesn’t turn around to say something to the other person and not find them there. Wait until there is a break in the conversation, or the people she is speaking with leave. Do not interrupt.

OMG! I just found out the Queen is a REAL person!

If you are talking to the Queen for the first time, remember she is playing this game as well. She has a real life outside the SCA, and is really just another person under that Crown. Respect her for her position, but don’t be afraid of her. Also, you will probably be introduced by the Head Lady in Waiting to the Queen, but if it’s just the two of you, introduce yourself. Most Queens love to know who’s helping them out.

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