Have you found yourself the only one setting up a Court? Do you know what to do if you were? Well, you will now!

“Court? What Court? Where?” How to set up a court.

Most of the time, the Head Lady in Waiting or Champion (or the Herald or someone close to that position) will know how to set up Court. How to put the Thrones together, where to put the rugs and pillows and banners, what Their Majesties want to drink during Court, where to put the gifts they will be giving and receiving, and in some cases (outdoor events) where they would physically like court to be held. See your Head Lady in Waiting or Champion (or person responsible for Court regalia) for how to set up Court the way the Royalty wants it done. Don’t be afraid to offer to help.

Tasty Beverages

How to fill/refill a water glass quietly. This will take a delicate touch and a bit of patience at that particular moment. If the hall is quiet, be as quiet as you can. Do not let the water make splashing noises as it pours into the cup. If you can, wait until the Huzzahs or Vivats to refill the drinks. You can make as much noise as you need to at that time, but be conscious of the Huzzahs ending.

Most Royalty will let you know when they need a drink during Court. If it’s a long Court and they haven’t had a drink for a while, they may need one. It’s okay to quietly ask over their shoulder if they need a drink (sometimes it’s okay to ask if they just need a drink!).

To fan, or not to fan, that is the question.

If Her Majesty is too warm (as we all know it can get inside those big dresses), by all means fan her. If you do it right, you can get some of the wind going your own way too. If you are too warm, she probably is as well (unless you’re having a hot flash and she isn’t). If you’re unsure, ask her. If she want’s you to stop, she’ll let you know.

Hopefully Helpful,