I’ve seen the signs. (Get me out of here!)

Your Royalty should get with their Head Lady in Waiting and Champion (or similar people) and let them know the “Get me out of here” sign. This will then be passed along to all the members of the court and guard and is not to be told to anyone else under penalty of death (or at least a good tong lashing)! Usually it’s an ear tug or a specific nose/cheek scratch. It means you have about 30 seconds to walk over and get your Royalty out of that conversation at that exact moment.

Don’t lie. A good example is, “Excuse me for interrupting, Your Majesty you’re needed.” (Or something along that line.) Do not get into details that cannot be substantiated.

It may just be that Their Majesties only need a bathroom break and don’t quite know how to get out of a conversation. Or they might be about ready to lunge at the person and just need to get away as soon as possible but don’t want to look like jerks. They certainly don’t want to hurt the person/people’s feelings. Be polite, but vague.

Part of your job as court and guard is to make your Royalty look as good as possible. If it’s getting them out of a sticky situation, rumor control, or just decompressing with them after an event so they don’t blow up.

Hopefully Helpful,