Last, but not least…

Super Secret Stuff and Decoder Rings

Unfortunately, you really don’t get a decoder ring, unless your Royals have a great sense of humor. Lady in Waiting is a fun, interesting, tiring position. As Lady in Waiting you will hear and see things that you MUST NOT repeat under any circumstances to anyone; sometimes not even your significant other can know. This will be torture, but only for a short period of time (unless it’s something really juicy, then it’ll be longer, naturally). You are the representative of the Crown (or other Royalty/Nobility); your best behavior is strongly recommended. In this position you must act appropriately at all times at events (you can fall apart at home). You will be watched by everyone at all times.

In this position, you are also a go between, a stepping-stone, a major contact point between Their Majesties and the populace. You will be asked to introduce people to Their Majesties and vice-verse. If you have experience in the work force (especially a professional office) you will have no problems in this position. If you have good customer service or social skills, you will do excellent in this position. If you have problems talking to people, you will learn lots in this position.

Now for the “Super Secret Stuff.”

You will at some point be privileged to know about an upcoming award. You must not tell a single person about this unless otherwise instructed by Their Majesties. Example: Call and make sure Lady X gets her Lord to the event on Saturday, We would like to give him such-and-such award. You may only tell Lady X, no one else.

There will be times when you are in the Royal Ready Room and Their Majesties ask you to make sure Lord Y is at the event. You must discretely find out. The easiest way to do this is ask the local Baron/Baroness. It is common to see a Lady in Waiting talking to the local Royalty/Nobility. The populace usually doesn’t think twice about seeing that.

Also, you may be asked to find out if Lord Y has a certain award. The Baron/Baroness are good starting points, if they don’t know they can usually point you in the direction of someone who will know. Most times a Crown decides to give an award, they have already checked with the Order of Precedence (O.P.) to see if Lord Y has the award. Sometimes the O.P. doesn’t get updated or a report not sent in on time. Do NOT ask the person directly!

Helping the Herald

During Court the Herald may ask you to hold scrolls then hand them to him/her when he/she needs them. These are super secret. Unless instructed, you should not even look at them yourself. (This is a good way to surprise you with an award. Let them surprise you.) If you are uncertain if you may look at them, just ask the Herald.

Venting & Gossip

The last bit of “Super Secret Stuff” is Ready Room talk or gossip.

Anything said in the Ready Room stays in the Ready Room. Don’t even hint about it. That room holds the sanity of the Royalty for that event. They need to know that what ever is said in that room stays in that room never to be talked about again. The Ready Room is a place for them to prepare, unwind, snack, and breakdown if needed. The room is sacred and essential.

This is also a place you (and others) can talk to Their Majesties uninterrupted. This room is a safety zone. End of discussion.

One Last Thing…

Some Royalty have a dress code for their Court and Guard. It mostly boils down to DRESS APPROPRIATELY, no clothes that are too revealing, unwashed, or unkempt. Look nice, you are the Queen’s representative. If you have a question about appropriate dress, feel free to ask your Royalty, they’ll let you know what they expect of you.

Have fun with this position! It’s a real blast!

Hopefully Helpful,