SCA Resume/Curriculum Vite (CVs) are words you may have heard floating around. What exactly are they, what are they good for, and why do I need one? Well, I’m glad you asked. First, they are the same thing. Some people call them one thing, some the other.

CVs are exactly what they sound like. They are a resume of your body of work in the SCA. Think of it as your SCA career listing.

CVs are good for many things.

  • If you want volunteer for an Office, sometimes a CV is asked for with a Letter of Intent for that post. (The Letter of Intent “how to” will be forthcoming, stay tuned.)
  • Peers may want to see it so they can boast about you to other Peers and potentially Crowns.
  • Local Leaders (Principality and Baronial) may want to look at it to see if your awards are updated, then possibly bring you up to speed on what they can bestow upon you.
  • Friends might want a copy so they can go put you in for an award they think you deserve.
  • Most importantly, so you can keep track of what you have done. This one may not seem to crucial, but if you do a lot, or don’t have the best memory, it can ber very helpful.

I like to present mine like I do my real world resume. It’s a clean concise way to get across exactly when, where, and what I have done for the SCA.

(Note: do NOT hand write your CV and do NOT use a fancy-schmancy font. Use a font that is easily readable. I have been behind the scenes when a Crown has been trying to decide between candidates for an office, and it went to the one whose CV was legible. If you use calligraphy, please include a typed, easy-to-read version.)

I am not going to post my entire CV here today, but I will give you the formula I use and some examples.

Centered at the top in bold is “SCA Resume/Curriculum Vite”
Second line in bold is my SCA name (not titles).
The next line (not bold) is my real world name.
After that comes my mailing address.
Finally my home phone number.

(skip a line)

Here’s where you get to start putting the good stuff! I have my list of Service first. Here are the first few examples from my CV. I have the most recent at the top of the page, to the least recent at the bottom of the page(s). I give the date first, then either the office or a brief description of what I did.

(Note: I do Bold all of the section headers, so they are more easily found.)


Feb 2008 – March 2009 Kingdom Signet (Scribe)

Aug 9th 2007 –  Hosted all day Scriptorium at Highlands War

Nov 2007 – Feb 2008 Acting Deputy Kingdom Signet (Scribe) under Jennifer Trethewy

Sept 2007 – Feb 2008 Co-Coordinator of Scribal Tea at Estrella War with Dame Jennifer Trethewy.

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This section I have the dates going to opposite way, but you can put them how you want them, just as long as they are in some sort of order and easy to read.

Classes I Teach: (as of January 2007)

 Beginning Calligraphy, hands on (since 2000)

Beginning Illumination, hands on (since 2000)

What you need to get started in Illumination (since 2003)

How to be a Lady in Waiting “Lady in Waiting 101” (since 2000)

How to Stamp/Wax Seal Scrolls, hands on (since 2000)

Color Theory for Scribes (since 2004)

SCA Artisan Portfolios (since 2007)

Kingdom Signet’s Office/What does the Kingdom Scribe Do? (2008/2009)

Playing with Paper for Illuminators (since 2008)

Color Mixing (since 2008)

White Work in 3 Easy Steps (since 2008)

Painting Jewels (since 2009)

Shading for Illuminators (since 2009)

Shading Drapery for Illuminators (since 2009)

Gold Leafing (since 2009)

Authentic Materials for Scribes (since 2010)

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My next two sections are kind of a specific section for artisans. If you have taught any kind of Workshops or given donations, then please list them on your CV somewhere. It just looks mighty impressive.

Scribal Workshops


Making a Scroll from Start to Finish (since 2007)

Color Theory, Color Mixing and Shading (since 2008)

I have taught all of these classes in almost every situation I can think of, including in my home, one on one on site at events, at Baronial, Tri-Baronial/Aten-Dragon, Kingdom and Known World events, including Known World Arts & Sciences Collegium in 2005 in Longmont, CO.

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Art Donations:

  1999 – Current                  300+ Art donations including scrolls made for Kingdom,  all of the Baronies in Atenveldt, and the gifts for Pennsic and Estrella War Crowns.

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If you have had anything published in any SCA newsletter, specialty publication, or have any SCA specific materials that you have had published, put it on your CV. Again, it looks mighty impressive.


 Illuminations Comic Strip in the Kingdom of the Outlands monthly newsletter, April 2010

 What Are Courtly Graces and How to Use Them (Chronous Draconum, December 2008)

Chronicler’s Office asked for an article based off of an email for the Rainbow’s Gold…  Hrefna’s Top Ten Reasons to be a Chatelaine (Chronous Draconum, August 2008)

Chronicler’s Office asked for past Chatelaines to type up short articles.

 Kingdom of Atenveldt Scribes Handbook (released November 2007)

 Helpful Hints I Have Learned as an SCA Scribe (T.I. Issue 160, Fall 2006, AS XLI)

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Everyone wants to know your current awards with all of your other information. These are not all of mine, but it does give you an idea of how I list them. Award, date received, Awarded By:

Current Awards:

 AoA                                                    9/21/96                        Eric & Nichelle

Honor of SunDragon                          10/28/00                      Dmitri & Tatiana

Dragon’s Scale of SunDragon            2/17/01                        Dmitri & Tatiana

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At the very bottom, I have listed my registered name, preferred name, and pronunciation of my preferred name. I also have listed my registered device, the date I received it, the Heraldic language used to describe it, and what it looks like in today’s English. Most Kingdom or Baronial web sites will not have this information.

Registered Name: Hrefna Karlsefni               Registered 6/2001

Preferred Name: Hrefna karsefni (pronounced: Reff-nah, Kar-seff-nee)

Registered Device:  Registered 11/2001

Per pale Or ermined purpure and purpure, a feather argent.

(Left side: yellow with purple ermine spots) (Right side: purple) (Center: One white feather or quill)

(skip a line)

At the very end, I have the date I have updated my CV. This let’s me know if/when I last was in this file updating it. I have left a few things off before, and looked at my CV and wondered why they weren’t there. This date is the confirmation that I need to update it again.

Updated: 6/29/2010

I hope your new SCA CV will help you to get the volunteer position and/or the recognition you deserve for your volunteering efforts on behalf of the SCA.

Hopefully Helpful,