At the January 28th, 2012 Board of the SCA directed the Society Seneschal “to begin an investigation into a possible Revocation and Denial of Membership and/or degradation from the peerage” concerning ten members of the Kingdom of Atenveldt. InĀ  addition to that investigation, those ten individuals were sanctioned from holding any office or fighting in/being fought for in Crown Tourney until 7/31/12 while the investigations were being conducted (quoting “from the President’s Report of the January 28, 2012 Board meeting”).

I am one of those individuals.

I state publicly that I have done nothing wrong, and am a victim in this issue. I cannot (and will not) discuss in either general or
specifics terms anything about the “charges.”

However, to avoid even the pretense of using this forum for anything other than its stated purposes, I am, effective immediately, putting Hrefna’s Helpful Hints posting on hold. The web page will remain up and all posts will still be viewable, but there will be no new posts until this issue has been resolved.