Here are the pictures of the Vented Hats I have made so far. The only exception is my husband’s Vented Hat. He has it on his blog. I have three up on my Etsy shop, the rest have either sold, or are on commission in Canada.

I am available to create custom Vented Hats. If you are interested, do not comment here, please contact me at

All my Vented Hats are individually hand crafted. The hats are purchases already made as my studio is not set up to beĀ  millinery. The felt hats are not painted. The silk hats are all hand painted and are one of a kind pieces of art, at this time. (If I get a commission for multiples, that will be a different story.)

The leather gaskets are each hand cut by a leather worker friend of mine, Jana Stobaugh. She has over 20 years experience and does a much better job of it than I ever could. I am all for a more professional looking product and supporting another artist. It’s a win-win situation!

Vented Hats as of March 2013:

My Vented Hat
My Vented Hat photo 2012-06-20130309.jpg

Jennifer’s Vented Hat
 photo 2012-09-15130413.jpg

Shamella’s Vented Hat
 photo IMG_9170.jpg

Lee’s Vented Hat
Grey Top Hat - Left Side photo 2013-03-08170128.jpg

Vented Bowler hat on Commission in Canada
 photo IMG_9156.jpg

Peacock Feather Vented Hat on Commission in Canada
 photo IMG_9182.jpg

Red and Yellow (painted) Vented Hat (For Sale on My Etsy Shop)
 photo IMG_9164.jpg

Black and White (painted) Vented Hat (For Sale on my Etsy Shop)
 photo IMG_9158.jpg

Stained Glass Fall Leaves (painted) Vented Hat (For Sale on my Etsy Shop)
 photo IMG_9177.jpg

More photos of the other sides of these hats can be found on my SAHoltArtist FaceBook page or on my Photobucket.