I just put in to teach a How To panel on Vented Hats at WWWC3 for Saturday late morning/early afternoon. This will be a demo, not a make and take class. It is cost prohibitive to be a make and take.

I taught this one last year on Friday and for the rest of the weekend I had people asking when the class “is going to be”. I think Saturday will be a better fit, since there was a lot of interest.

If you’re an artist who goes to conventions, I highly recommend teaching a panel. It gets you and your product in the Event Book. I don’t consider it to be giving away my product or my secrets. I consider it the cost of advertizing. One hour of teaching = one add. It gets me, my name and my brand, and my product out there. It also gives people a sense of how long it actually takes to make this product, which may be enough intensive to inspire a sale rather than making one themselves.

I taught a Make and Take class on Fancy Beaded Pocket Watch Chains at Phoenix ComiCon last year. I made 40 kits, and came home with 5. I only really expected 15 people to show up.

Teaching and sharing information is always a good thing. Art, crafts, recipes, and techniques die out everyday because someone refuses to share the knowledge. That’s why you’ll find a lot of information on how I make things here on this blog.