If you have been reading my blog, you know that I was a vendor at DarkCon this past weekend. I had the opportunity to meet some lovely people and make new friends with a couple of the other vendors there. I rekindled a couple of old friendships, which I always like doing. I made a few sale, which I was very thankful for.

I learned that I need to stock size XL, 2XL, and even a couple of 3XL if possible. The men at Cons have rather large heads. I think it is to accommodate their big, giant brains. There are an awful lot of super smart people that attend cons.

The big winner for sales were the little squirt guns I painted up to look more SteamPunk. They go for $5.00 each. I had people from 3 to 70 years old buy them. The women who picked them up all made the “pew, pew” sound. All of the men said they were the “noisy cricket” from the Men in Black movies. The little kids called them laser guns, and they all had different sound effects for their lasers.

Hubby was kind enough to make sure I had lunch every day, and dinner on Friday at the event. This was amazingly wonderful of him since he wasn’t feeling well. (Something non-communicable.) I appreciated him very much, as usual, this weekend.

I also appreciated the Vendors around me. They knew hubby wasn’t feeling well, so they spelled me for potty breaks, and I for some of them.

The Volunteers and Staff of DarkCon did a wonderful job. Anything we needed was taken care of, all we needed to do was ask. This was a wonderful little event, and I highly recommend you go next time if you can.

As a vendor, I got to meet a lot of people. The person who came from the farthest away was an Afghanistan War Veteran from Ohio. Next was a couple from the Iowa SteamPunk Society. Closer to home were some really lovely ladies from California.

I brought a couple bags of chocolate candy with me and shared them with the other vendors in the room. It made for a great ice breaker, and plenty of good fun. Plus, we all got to eat some chocolate.

I got an interesting comment, that I am going to take as a compliment. One of the attendees came in on Friday afternoon and made a quick trip through the Vendor Room. He stopped at my booth and quizzically asked, “What movie are these from?” pointing to the Vented Hats. I answered, “They’re not, they’re just out of my imagination. I hope one day they will be in a movie. That would be great!” He said,”Oh!” and wandered off to the gaming room. To make a statement to a vendor that their pieces are “movie quality” (perhaps in not so many words), is a wonderful compliment. If you’re the man who asked me about the Vented Hats and you happen to read this, thank you.