I am currently working on an SCA (medieval/renaissance reenactment group)award scroll for some friends of mine. I can’t show you the photos until after they receive it, which will be in mid-March.

I am using mostly authentic materials for this one, animal skin vellum, iron gall ink, gesso and gold leaf, loose pigments and a binder (I haven’t decided on egg yolk, glair, or gum arabic). Tests are needed. I am using a pencil instead of silver point because it’s far easier for me to see.

I have researched and chosen the perfect image to almost reproduce. Yesterday and today, I got the design drawn on in pencil.

Over the next few days I will be pulling the calligraphy hand out of the original manuscript. It looks somewhere between a Gothic and a Secretary, if you’re familiar with medieval calligraphy.

Gothic Hands:

Secretary Hands:

They are similar, but just a bit different.

Tomorrow, I have to get a Vented Hat completed for a friend to pick up in the afternoon. Then, it’ll be on to getting the calligraphy out letter by letter, learning it enough so it will look good, then putting it on the piece of art.

After that will be the gesso and gold leaf, then the painting.

I will post a link to the photos when the piece is completed.