Well, there’s honestly not much art being made here at the moment. I’ve been going to Physical Therapy for my ankle, and we’ve been packing because we’re moving to a new house.

The PT is great! No, really, it’s great. It kicks my butt, but it’s making me stronger so my ankle can heal better. The elliptical machine is not my friend. I will conquer it… one day. I’m down to wearing the big boot outside of the house only, and the little brace with my tennis shoes at home. I have my follow up after PT doctor’s appointment in a week and a half. Hopefully it will be good news.

As for the packing, we are moving due to me injuring myself on our stairs. The new house will be a single story. The hubby announced last week that he will be very happy to have everything on one floor, after he had to come upstairs for the second time in an hour just to get something he forgot.

I am packing slowly, but surely. I started out packing one box a day, and have gone up to as many as four boxes in one day. We also have some really great big, strong bags which makes packing things like table cloths, dish towels, and hot pads a breeze!

We won’t be moving immediately. The new house needs some renovations. The family room, living room, and master bath shower all need to have their floors raised, The fireplace will need some demolition and renovation, and the flooring will need to be redone everywhere there is not already tile, plus all the little things that need fixed.

Yesterday I started packing my studio, all the knick-nacks that were down there instead of in the curio cabinet are boxed and ready to go. Next up will be the books, then all of the stuff I actually need to make art, just in case I get a commission or feel the need to work on a piece. I still have to wear my big boot to get down all the stairs to the studio, but at least I can get down there to pack.

I have most of the living and dining room packed, and a good portion of the kitchen, too. We only have the rest of the house plus the garage to go through, sort out, and pack. It’s a good thing we have plenty of time to get it all done.

Have a wonderful week!