I’m getting together a hat order so I can have pre-orered Vented Hats ready for delivery at WWWC in Tucson, AZ in March 2015. If you wish to order one from me, I will need to know the following information by the end of December:

What style of hat (standard top, flared top, short top, derby, or another one I haven’t had in stock yet)?

What color of hat (black, grey, or brown are the usual colors if given a choice at ll by the manufacturer)?

What material of hat (leather or felt)?

What size of hat?

What style of gaskets (if you have a custom design in mind, I can try to accommodate it, my skill level will decide)?

What color of gaskets?

Link to my gasket designs: The first 16 are for the top of the hats, the rest are for the sides.

How many side gaskets? (I can make 1-6 depending on the cut, design, and size of the gasket. Ex: 6 small round gaskets look great on a derby.)

I will need a $50 down payment before I order the hat. Email me for my PayPal address. The rest will be due upon delivery at WWWC, or upon completion if I need to ship it to you. Final bill to include shipping.

WWWC (Wild Wild West Con):

Thank you,