Hi there,

Well, one of the scrolls that was scheduled to go out last weekend didn’t go, so I can’t post the pic of it as it has the recipient’s name on it. If/When it does go out. or I am forced to scrape the name off, then I will take another scan and post it then.

For now, I need to work on my Docent Tour and get my Talk up to an hour. I’ll have a couple of scrolls to work on in the coming months for sure, Viscount and Viscountess from the early 1990s, to keep my scribally busy.


P.S.: Ha! Ha! I have outsmarted myself! I took a couple of fuzzy pics on my phone to email to the Kingdom Signet (Scribe), and they popped up on my Photobucket. So, here as an addendum are the fuzzy pics of it before the name went on. They will at least give you the feeling of the piece until I can get the scan uploaded.