I have been a Lady In Waiting or Head Lady In Waiting a few times, and I give a class on the How To’s of it all. I have been asked by Queens and Baronesses to share my class handout with them so they can give it to their Ladies In Waiting as a primer for their reigns.

In the next 6 posts, you will learn what it’s like to be a Lady in Waiting, including what should be in your personal baskets at ALL times, how to attend and approach Royalty, Nobility, and the Thrones, and basic Lady in Waiting Skills such as how to set up court, when and where (and how quietly) to refill the water glasses during courts, and other fun facts and duties.

Here’s the first installment.

What should be in your personal basket? “Why yes Your Majesty, I do have that.”

This is a list of supplies you should have in your personal basket at ALL times, for yourself as much as for your Royalty or Nobility. (Royalty refers to Prince/Princess & Kings/Queens, Nobility refers to Barons/Baronesses, from here on all are referred to as Royalty in this paper.) This is a basic list, if you wish to add more to your baskets, feel free.

Fan (or 2 – at least one that you don’t mind “loosing”)
Kleenex (small package)
Pens and small pad of writing paper (a couple of paper clips are good to have)
Calligraphy pen(s) (if dip pens, don’t forget the ink, if cartridge, don’t forget extras
Hand Sanitizer & Hand Wipes (very good for outdoor events)
Hair brush & bobby pins
Travel sewing kit (some hotels have these in the bathrooms)
Safety pins (get a little box and put it in a Ziplock, you’ll need them)
Travel soap, shampoo, & conditioner (hotel stuff is good, again)
Small 1st Aid Kit (disinfecting wipes, 1st Aide Cream/Gel, Band-Aids, allergy meds, Feminine Products, etc.)
Sunscreen & OFF
Ribbon (Kingdom or Baronial colors plus black & white)
Extra Snood
Chap Stick
Drinking Glass (for you) & cup cover if you have one
Personal Knife (this can be handy at feasts as well as for cutting the ribbon if your travel Sewing kit looses its scissors)

If your Royalty/Nobility have largess, such as coins of the reign (or bells, buttons, etc.) to give out as thank you tokens, see if you can have a small stash and give them out to people not on the court and guard who assist you with Royal/Noble duties. (Carrying/setting up thrones, pavilions, Royal/Noble regalia – especially the really heave stuff, etc.)

Basket cover of some kind, to hide the big mess that now lives in your basket. (I have a Basket-Man Basket with a wooden lid built right in. It does double duty as a little side table.)

Always, always, always bring a gallon of water for your Royalty/Nobility plus some for you. (Did I mention ALWAYS?!)

Parasol, if you have 2 bring both, one for you and one for your Royal/Noble. (Optional)

Finally, a small project for you to work on while attending and sitting in a casual environment.

(When I get home, my awards, belts, and favors reside on the top of my basket, that way I don’t forget anything.)

Hopefully Helpful,