Hi there,

I was asked by my friend Dana (Danu in the SCA) to make his Knighting Scroll. When they gave him the award, they didn’t give him a scroll, back in 1989. After I got done giggling that it took him a good 21 years to get around to asking someone to make it (and being flattered that it was me he asked), I said “Sure!” and set to work on it.

It is gouache and watercolor paint with ink on 12×18 inch, 140 lb Hot Press Watercolor Paper.

The original I made this piece after is a, “Brass commemorating Sir Geoffrey’s heir, Sir Andrew Luttrell (1313-1390), St. Andrew’s Chruch, Irnham.” from The World of the Luttrell Psalter, by: Michelle P. Brown.

I did the page layout first, then the calligraphy. It is 3 calligraphy hands put together (an early Gothic with tall ascenders – goes above the letter & descenders – goes below the letter, a Gothic for the lower case letters – mostly, and a Secretary for the capital letters). Dana is very tall, so I wanted a calligraphy hand that would match his height.

The background looks like a marbled stone, so I did a watercolor wash of several browns to get the shade I wanted, then I sprinkled it with table salt to get the blotchy stone look.

I then painted the rest of the design with gouache paints.

Completed Scroll