Hi there,

Saturday the 7th, my good friend Sheila (aka: Turrel in the SCA), received her Laurel (the lifetime achievement award for arts). I made her scroll, which will be posted soon, but also one of her Laurel pendants and the necklace it hangs from.

Here are the pictures of the Laurel pendant and necklace. The pendant is handmade by me start to finish. It is hand formed porcelain, each leaf was created individually and attached to the flat back piece. After it was bisque fired, I then hand “painted” (under-glazed) each individual leaf, and put a clear glaze over the top of all, and fired it to cone 5.

Once out of the kiln, I kept it safe for just the right owner. This was a labor of love to make, so I wanted to save it for someone special.

After Turrel was asked to become a Laurel, I came home and knew it was hers. I then wire wrapped the pendant in silver.

Turrel then e-mailed me the portrait of the dress she would be making, and the subject had a lovely, large pearl choker necklace. I didn’t have any pearls big enough, so I had to go to the jewelry supply store (woe was me! – sarcasm at it’s finest). There, I found large pearls in white, black, and red, Turrels chosen colors for her SCA coat-of-arms (Heraldry).

A mutual friend wanted to help make the jewelry, so I invited her over. I had placed the pearls where I wanted them, and Shauna strung the necklace while I made the earrings. I put the pendant and the fittings on the necklace. We make a good team!

The pendant is approximately 2 inches tall.

There are two pictures, one with a black background so you can see the pendant better, and one with a white background so you can see the pearls better.


I gave her the jewelry a couple weeks early so I could see if I needed to adjust the necklace, and I did not. They were very happily received.