Hi there,

The first weekend of May, two of my friends received their “upity-ups” as my friend Sydney call them. Mederic got his Pelican (the SCA’s “lifetime achievement” award for service) and Turrel got her Laurel (the SCA’s “lifetime achievement” award for arts). Today, I will be posting Mederic’s scroll pics, and next week I will post Turrel’s.

So here it goes… Mederic de Chatellerault’s Pelican scroll was designed and illuminated by me and calligraphy was done by Jennifer Richardson.
It is on a full sheet of 140 lb hot press watercolor paper.
It is done with gouache and ink.
It is after one of the pages in the Book of Hours of the Master of Mary of Burgundy. I (of course) changed the design to suit the needs and desires of the recipient. He wanted a “big scroll with a really big mucking Pelican.” The pelican is 9 x 9 1/2 inches.

When the Crown unveiled the scroll, they did it so Mederic couldn’t see it. The audience let out a gasp, the in unison a breathless, “Ooh!”
When Mederic finally saw it, his eyes bulged out, his jaw dropped, and he looked it up one side and down the other a few times, with his eyes darting about wildly. It was awesome!

The picture of the full scroll is a little blurry, which I didn’t notice until it was off the camera, and the scroll out of my hands. My apologies. The close up of the pelican is wonderful.