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At long last! Here are the pics of Turrel’s Laurel scroll. I have been receiving e-mails and FB posts pleading for me to get these pics up. So here they are!

This scroll is the SCA’s “lifetime achievement” award for arts and was given to Turrel at the beginning of May this year. I have had other pics I wanted to post first, mostly just to keep a few people in suspense. (insert evil laugh here)

I did the design and illumination.
The calligraphy was done by Jennifer Richardson.
The design is an original. The recipient, Turrel Michelovna, requested, “something like a squashed bug (scatter border), with scattered jewels, my tools (needle & thread and her pinking tools), and portraits of my friends.” When I asked her if she wanted actual bust portraits or full length portraits she replied, “I want them full length. I don’t really care about their faces, I just want to have the garb I made for them represented on the scroll somewhere.” After I stopped giggling with delight, I asked if she wanted anything else and she sheepishly replied, “A portrait of Maku would be nice.” Maku is her dog, and he’s featured in the capital letter “O” that starts the text. I’m very proud of this portrait as it looks exactly like him.
The piece is on 20 x 25 inch, 140 lb hot press watercolor paper.
It is done with watercolor paint, gouache paint and ink.

The Crown did the same thing with her as they did with Mederic, they showed the scroll to the audience first, then to her. The audience had about the same reaction to this scroll as they did to his. A gasp of air, and an honest, noise of awe. It was a really good day for this artists ego! (I wish I had recorded those sounds so I could play them everyday! Every artist needs a good cheering section!)

I expected when she finally saw the piece, she would give a little happy/nervous giggle, like she usually does when she’s happy and likes an art piece. This time, she gasped inward, put her shaking hands to her mouth, and very quietly said, “Oh! Wow!” Her reaction was totally better than I had expected.

When you look at the pics, keep in mind they portraits of the people are about 2 inches in diameter, and Maku’s is about an inch and a half. The pendants with the flowers represent Alianora (narcissus), Katherine and Meadhbh (Iris), and Jennifer (Calla Lilly).

Without further ado… The pics.

Completed Piece

Right Side

Left Side


Turrel's Arms

Elizabethan Sweatshop's Arms

Kingdom Arms

Raven & Turrel


Egan & Meadhbh


Hrefna & Kristoff (aka: XOFF)

Rhys & Aliannsa

Corynne & Godfrey


Roland & Damaris

Jerusha & Josh