Hi there,

Well, today is my 40th birthday, so I have decided to do an extra B-day post.

Happy birthday to me! Yippee! I’m very glad I actually made it this far.

I had an idea for my B-day cake, and I knew I just couldn’t buy it anywhere that would either be as tasty or look just like I wanted it to within a budget, so I made it myself. Yes, this does sound a little self-indulgent, but a girl only turns 40 once, and this is what I wanted.

The cake itself is Duncan Hinze’s Butter Cake mix, the filling is chocolate ganache, the icing is butter cream (I really don’t like fondant). I smoothed the sides after the cake was iced, then I incised the leaf designs with a toothpick right through the frosting. I then put the decorative shells at the top and bottom. I should have waited until I got the stems for the flowers on before I did the shells so I could cover up the start point of the stems. I then added the sugar pearls to the stems and finally the little sugar pearls to the decorative shells.

The design is Lilly of the Valley, my favorite flower, with sugar “pearls”, my favorite jewel, as the flowers.

I have loved Lilly of the Valley since I was a little girl, and just recently (last week) learned that my name “Susan” is derived from “Shoshanna” which is another name for Lilly of the Valley. Well, that sealed the deal! Official favorite flower status (as opposed to just regular favorite flower status) was achieved.

If your favorite flower is Lilly of the Valley, do NOT put the real flowers, leaves, stems anywhere near your food. The real thing is quite poisonous!

Without further ado, here’s the pics.


Enjoy! (I know I certain will tonight after dinner!)