Hi there,

As most of you know, I had tendinitis surgery late last year, and have been wire wrapping one or two pieces per day since I felt up to it. (Note: If you get tendinitis, LET IT HEAL! You do not want to have the surgery unless it’s already too late. Then, after it heals, it’s wonderful.) Anyhow, I have a fair amount of porcelain pendants I made that looked a little plain, so I set out to wire wrap them. Most are SCA related, and a few are stuff I can wear or sell for everyday. (The available items are on my Etsy shop. The link to it is just to the right of this text. –>) You’ve already seen my trilobite pendant from last week. Well, this is going to be a short post today with a lot of pictures.

Here they are.

Available Santa Monica Beach Rock 1

Fall Leaves

Small Rose

Sydney's Pendant

My Pendant

Available Pendant

Available Round Pendant

Available Swirl Pendant

Available Spiral Pendant

Available Pelican Laurel

Available Pelican Chivalry

Available Laurel 1

Available Laurel 2

Available Small Pelican

Available Tiny Laurel 1

Available Tiny Pelican 1