Hi there,

Back on January 10th, I made some beaded jewelry items. Some are for family, and I couldn’t post them until they had received them and were happy with them.

My cousin Pam, had ordered a chatelaine so she could hang her sewing scissors (the little brass/silver ones) around her neck so they would be handy when she needed them. I made it out of green, aqua, midnight blue glass beads, white pearls, and silver findings. The large silver clasp is for the scissors, so they can be easily removed for some hard to reach thread removal. The necklace part is about 22 inches long, and the drop beaded clasp section is about 4 inches long, including the clasp.

Pam's Chatelaine

My Mom wears her eye glasses on chains around her neck. Not like the ghost of Marlowe in a Christmas Carrol, but like a little old lady, which she freely admits she is. I made her two eye glasses chains. One is a bit fancy with dark blue and dark yellow ocher pearls, light blue glass beads, and silver findings. it is approximately 22 inches long including the tabs that slip over the ends of the glasses.

Mom's Fancy Glasses Chain

The other is a plain Jane silver chain with alphabet beads that spell out her name in the center. I figure if she goes to enough quilting shin-digs, and they all have glasses with chains, she’ll definitely know which one is hers. This one is a little longer than the first.

Mom's Plain Jane Glasses Chain

I also made a pocket watch chain out of a short piece of the brassy chain I had bought for my hubby’s pocket watch chains. I cut it in three places and inserted lengthen-ers, blue glass and brassy beads, with a brassy I-bar at one end to go through the button hole, and a silver (I didn’t have any brassy ones) clasp at the other end to hold the pocket watch. It’s about 15 inches long. This picture has a white background because I couldn’t see the blue beads on the black background.

Pocket Watch Chain Blue and Brass

I also made four little pendants out of some leftover beads.





After I had made these, scanned, and posted them, it was about time to go make dinner. So that’s it for today’s post.